Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Howdy, Folks!

Sunday was a fun: a group of Nor Cal Freedivers took Paul McHugh of the SF Chron out and got some fish. The story will be in this Thursday's Sports section.

Pretty hard hunting, though, after the CenCal meet that was held at Pebble Beach on Saturday. I was only able to get a couple average-sized rockfish.

I'm waiting for the photos that were taken. But, I realized in all this research that my photos from last year were lost in non-link world. So, here's a link to see the fish brought in by the men and women competing for their respective state teams: http://www.corkgraham.com/spearfish2002.html

Look the size of the lings some of the ladies brought in! And hey, if your'e interested in getting your feet wet with us, sign up on the CenCal list link at the bottom of the spearfish2002 page.


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