Wednesday, April 09, 2003

For some it starts slow. For others there's that moment when after a week of lightning speed, clear and concise prose, that juice just dries up! You say to yourself, "What the Hell?!" I've got a deadline! I've got to get this piece out or I don't get paid. Then it REALLY happens. You can't even describe it anymore. It's this other being, a mirage shimmering just above the horizon. Yes, a mirage, but more lke a reminder that you're cornered. You have no way to go, because the shimmer on the distant horizon is now illusion to your mind. It's the Grim-Reaper, a sniper that's got you pinned! What are you going to do?

Slow down, look around, what are your avenues of escape? Do you see that boulder right over there? See the brush on your left? Feel that torn down wall in this wasteland called Writer's Block? Keep your head down, keep your head on straight. Slide, glide all the way back behind that wall that had you cornered in. Crawl to the rock and using it's shadow to cover your head, sneak a peek.

Yep, he's still there. But now you know you can take 'im! You have the control. You have the upper hand. You're in your mind and you're alright. Never let him take the field. And you know that. And now you REALLY know that.

Yep, that's right, bring it up. Line him up. See the image in your mind. Put the cross-hairs dead on accurate. Take a deep breath, touch your fingers to the keys, leaving one more obstacle in the dust. . .writer's block. . .work your imagination and you'll never let the delusion of writer's block blind you. . .

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!
Finally, after a couple years hiatus, I'm back to write personal interpretations of adventure, journalism, books and book writing, outdoors, and world events. And whenever possible, I'll make sure that you get the actual news of the moment that caused me to comment.

Good to be connecting up with you again!