Wednesday, July 30, 2003


It's always interesting to see how your websites rate in the search engine race: especially when your income revolves around how many times people come to your site or sign up for your freebies like FREE products, success courses and ezines.

Now, I have a number of sites, some active, some not, most just idle, waiting for the right time.

Then I've got ones where I make my direct money from, such as my success and marketing coaching site:

But, I also have a site that's just a portal to my histories and futures, like the site you're on right now.

All of them need to be called up appropriately and within an acceptable number of pages on search engines.

Now, to get your ranking up, you first have to get a really good idea of where you stand--outside of the no-brainer of watching your bank account grow at an amazing rate. You start by putting in a number of values in the larger search engines and see where you pop up.

Well, today, I typed in a number of search strings:
1. "cork graham"
2. "cork graham vietnam"
3. "cork graham success coaching"
4. "fred graham vietnam"
5. "cork graham political prisoner"
6. "cork graham writer"
7. "cork graham hypnotist"
8. "cork graham photojournalist"
9. "cork graham corpsman"
10. "cork graham navy seals"

Both in and

And I got pretty much what I expected, but then I went through a few levels on the "fred graham vietnam" page:

The flash from the past was "destatte" link, which takes you here:

Bob DeStatte was one of the Pentagon's POW/MIA Division investigators who debriefed me when I was released.

For clarification, the Brit's name was Richard Knight, a comedy actor-turned treasure hunter I met one murky night in Pattaya, Thailand, in 1983: 1 day before he was planning to make the voyage to Vietnam for Captain Kidd's treasure. I kid you not! I love that pun--fits so perfectly, LOL!

BTW why do I go by Cork Graham instead of Fred Graham? Well, aside there being too many Freds in my family, in 1991 I was brought into an extended Ogalala family, and as sign of respect them, I use their nickname for me as my first name and when I write my books, I use "Frederick 'Cork' Graham".

So, what's in a name, I ask you?

What's does your name bring up when you type it up in Google or Yahoo, or any search engine? The results may surprise you!


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